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 SUTTONS, sophia lucy, 27- heterosexual- Adelaide Kane
Sophia L. Suttons
 Posted: Aug 20 2016, 10:57 PM
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27 years old
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Sophia L. Suttons
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Adelaide Kane
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full name: Sophia Lucy Suttons
nicknames: Sophie, Soph
date of birth: 10/31/1988
age: 27
gender: female
neighborhood: Oceanside

high school: Saint John’s Primary school.
college: University of Dublin

occupation: Famous Photographer
dream career: Famous Photographer.
past jobs: Librarian, photo consultant

mother: Unknown.
father: John Sutton and Patrick Sutton (O’Conner)
siblings: None
extended family: None
ethnicity: Irish
hometown: Dublin, Ireland

best friend: Open
past lovers: Riley and Samuel
enemies: Someone.

best memory: “Oh well, my best memory was the day that I got a call from my agent that said one of my shows wanted to be picked up as a full on exhibit for art. I was seventeen and they wanted my show. That show sent me to college without an issue of money. It was the best thing ever. It was also the only beginning of my artistic journey. Though I think that one has been knocked down to my second best memory. I think the new one is much more current. Travis Alexander is a true knight in shining armor as he’s agreed to marry me so I can stay here in the United States and get treatment.“
worst memory: “ My worst memory was a sad one. I wasn’t feeling the greatest the last few months. I chalked it up to traveling. It wasn’t because of traveling. I went in for a cold. But what news I got back was devastating I was stage three breast cancer. I had no choice but to have them remove my breasts. They put in fake ones that looked normal. But it really demoralizes a woman. The chemo was so expensive. But over in Ireland my home country it was seven times that. I couldn’t afford that and anything I could afford was promised only to extend my life a few months. I wanted to live. I wanted to fight and I’d been hand my very own death sentence.
first kiss: “ My first kiss was Terry O’Kerry. He was a nice Irish lad.”
most embarrassing: “My first period…I didn’t expect to get it at a sleep over and I fell of asleep. I woke up to people screaming because I had bled through my pajama’s and my blanket all over the bed. I was mortified.
event 01: Becoming a professional photographer.
event 02: Getting my cancer notice.
event 03: Meeting Travis.
”I’m lost in my own personal hell”
10 fun facts:

1: I’m double jointed in all of my fingers.

2: I can speak four languages. Celtic, French, Spanish, Chinese.

3:My favorite animal is a red panda.

4:I love the zoo.

5:I’m afraid of elephants.

6:I don’t like fizzy drinks

7:I don’t really like sweets.

8:I wanted siblings growing up.

9:I have four tattoos.

10:I’m afraid of dying.

10 dislikes:


2:Horror movies

3: Summer

4: Loud noises

5: Being frightened.

6: Bad Tea or Coffee


8: Getting sick.

9:Swimming in the ocean

10: Being told she is going to die.


“I don’t really have anything to say. I have no siblings so I really don’t know what to do. I have two dads. They were and are my hero’s. They love me more than anything and they are very open about things. My mom well they didn’t know her name. She crashed into their car and I came into the world early. They felt bad for me, I was a drug addicted premature baby. They visited me everyday and then they went onto getting licensed to adopt and then they just adopted me. I was their only child though after I graduated they started fostering again. They love children and love helping children in need. So that’s cool.

10 foods[i]

1:Crispy chicken alfredo from the olive garden.

2: Spaghetti and meatballs.

3:Crispy chicken Caesar salad.


5: Chicken and tomato soup.

6: Grilled cheese.


French toast

8: Breakfast food in general.

9: French Fries

10: Steak

[i] 3 places:

1: Ireland

She loves Ireland. It is her home country and she loves every second of the greenery. She finds Ireland to be a calming home base and she wants to visit there a lot. She just doesn’t want her health left there. She would love to bring someone there and show her life. But she wants to be healthy first.

2: United States of America:

She has found American’s to be incredibly interesting. She finds their way of life to be fascinating and fun. She likes to participate and learn from them. She finds the clash of cultures to be artistic. She lives her life behind the lens of a camera capturing moments in their rawest and most pure forms. She loved being an artist.

3: The Ranch:

Travis Alexander was a man of talent. He’d seen her at some of her worst and he swooped in and rescued her. She didn’t even know she really needed the rescuing until he was already there doing it. His home is beautiful and she loves being there. It has become her own small slice of heaven.

10 Words:

1: Strong

2: Independent

3: Curious

4: Intelligent

5: Sarcastic


7: Artistic


9: Passionate

10: Patient.

5 books:

1: Life of Pi by Yann Martel

2: The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown

3:The Odyssey by Homer

4: The Divine Comedy by Dante Alighieri

5:The Iliad by Homer.

5 secrets:

1: She’s afraid of her next art show

2: She’s actually excited to get married.

3: She’s afraid she is falling in love with Travis Alexander.

4: She’s worried he doesn’t feel for her the same way.

5: She is planning a trip for Travis.

She needs someone to love her. She needs friends who are going to think she is nuts for saying yes to Travis. She needs friends who are going to tell her that she is falling in love with Travis and she needs to be ready to start feeling these things for the man. Some people to help her through the hard and mean parts of her treatment.

She is bound to have some enemies. She should probably keep an eye out for them. She is a lover over a fighter but she is going to need someone over here in her life to give her a reason to fight.

She is going to fall in love with Travis Alexander even though she doesn’t want him to know about it. She is afraid of getting her own heart broken. So she’s trying to keep her heart in check.

The alexander family is a must.

Sophia L. Suttons
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Travis R. Alexander
 Posted: Aug 22 2016, 04:19 PM
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Travis R. Alexander
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Travis approves of Sophia to fill his want ad!
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