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 Posted: Jul 10 2016, 10:18 PM
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The Member Groups
All of the member groups here on LAT are very simple and yet different compared to other sites. Here we are going to sort out members based on their occupation. I know that sounds like it will be complicated for those that work many jobs or those that aren't sure what group their character would fall into. BUT luckily for you, you have an awesome staff that has your back. So to help you out we have listed our groups here and give you a break down of each group and examples of jobs. As the site grows so will the member groups. Whenever the staff feels there is a large amount of a certain industry we will be adding a new group in or if one main group starts getting too big we may break it up. We will see how it goes.

Business Owners Color Code: 7BBF6A
Many people nowadays own a business let it be one that they run from a store, to a service, and even to a co-partnership. Either way all business owners will have this group. Now in this game we expect most people to be realistic. Yes 18 year old characters can own their own business BUT that doesn't mean that they will be successful. So we just ask that you keep in mind where your character is in their business and have fun with them doing the up and down in life.

Criminals Color Code: D38536
This is probably the most diverse group ever. When you think about it anyone and everyone can be a criminal from thieves, murders, rape, drug dealers, prostitutes, etc. There is so many different crimes and usually people who commit these crimes usually commit more than one kind. Remember you can be a criminal at any age and any background.

Educational Personnel Color Code: B04A93
This group is one filled with smart people. But they have to have some requirements in order to be in this group. Most people are usually in their mid to late twenties when they become teachers. Many teachers have to have at least a bachelors degree. For university professors they need to have a masters degree in the subject they are teaching. Also remember that a teacher has to have a clean record and they have to keep going to school every so often.

Entertainment Color Code: D2D232
This is the group that will contain all the singers, actors, DJs, and everyone else who works in the entertainment/celebrity world. Most of the people in this group can be whatever age and don't need any educational background to be in this group. But most of the people in this group are very much into their appearance so be careful when you get tangled with this group.

Fire Department Color Code: FF6103
This is a hard place to work. You must be 18 years and older, have a high school diploma/GED, have a clean driving & criminal record, must be able to pass the physical. There are volunteer firefighters if you don't meet one of the criteria. Once you join the fire department they will send you to school if you do not already have your fire service A.A. Degree. Part time firefighters are those that are doing half schooling and half work. The full time firefighters are those that have all their training done and have their associate degrees done.

Law & Political Figures Color Code: 4A93B0
Most of the people in this group have bachelor degrees and are in their late twenty's and up. This group is a very interesting group of people from lawyers, judges, and even to the people in office like the mayor, state representatives. Many people in this group do have families but there are a 25% that are single and are looking or having fun.

Medical Personnel Color Code: 9B2222
This is a very large and important group. Please if you want a character in this group please do the homework on the age for example nurses can be a nurse by an associate degree and be just over 18 years old however a doctor/surgeon will probably be in their early 30s. They require a lot of schooling and a lot of time to get to their level of work. They are also a group that has to have a clean record and be able to pass their tests that they will need to take every so often as well.

Military Personnel & Family Color Code: 567E3A
This group is a basic one to be in as well. Many people are in their late teens when they join and usually stay in for a long time. They just need to be able to pass their physicals and that is basically it. Usually a handful of them will end up getting married which will allow their spouse to be in this group as well. In San Diego there is more than one base/fort in the area but we will just have one on the site and make the fort/base be fictional.

Police Department Color Code: 191970
Most police officers are in their mid to late twenty's when they start off in their police career. Be smart about what position your character plays as it is highly unlikely that a person will be promoted up to detective in a year. Many of the people on the force need to be able to pass a drug test, the police academy, their normal gun tests, and also be able to pass the mental and physical test while maintaining a clean criminal record.

Retail Color Code: FF92BB
Most retail jobs are part time nowadays but the management is full time. Some places allow those under 18 to work in their stores so some people could be working in this industry since they were 16. The usual standards is being able to speak english, know math and have common sense and stand on their feet for long periods of time. A lot of this group are those probably trying to make ends met or working more than one retail job.

Students Color Code: D8A2C8
On LAT we do not have any high school students so this group will be filled with the university students that are here on the site. University students need to have at least a high school diploma and usually are 18 and older. Many times the students also are working part time work to cover their food and bills while attending school.

Unemployed Color Code: D8CDA2
The lonely group of those that do not have any occupation. May it be by choice or by their luck. But if your character doesn't have a job they will be found in this group.

Other Color Code: 9B9BE9
So we only covered a small group of jobs so if your character's job doesn't fall in any of the groups above like a waitress, mechanic, construction worker, or maybe accountant then you will be found in this position. Just know that you should do your homework on the job and age of your character. Also when we add more groups your character may be moved into a different group.
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