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 I'll keep you my dirty little secret, FWB & FWB's bf
Isabella A. Vega
 Posted: Aug 26 2016, 11:12 PM
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Isabella A. Vega
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I'll keep you my dirty little secret
megan park, 26-33 yrs old,
career open, Isa's friend with benefits

Face claim and name is open if you want to change it

This is one of the first friends that Isa had made while being in San Diego. They met at a yoga class one week and have clicked every since. They would go out and party and have fun every so often. She makes Isa forget about everything that is going on. The two girls do a lot together. About a year ago the two of them got high and drunk one night after a long week, they started to make out and that was their first night of going all out with each other. Ever since then the two act like a couple but they aren't mostly because Isa's friend here also has a boyfriend that knows that Isa is a best friend but doesn't realize how much of best friends that they are.

Everything else is up to you on this one.
tyler hilton, 26-33 yrs old,
career something Music related, boyfriend of Allison

(Name is open for you to pick, I just used this as a filler, you can also change the face claim too)

this is Allison's (girl to the left) boyfriend. The two have been together since he was in college which was many years ago. He always thought that she was the one but since Isa came into the picture he is not too sure anymore. The man knows that Isa is a close friend to Allison and one that he also likes to hang out with as well. But something in his stomach and his gut tells him that there is more than just a friendship between the two girls. He is not sure what to do but he does want to know what is going on though.

Everything else is up to you on this one.

Allison, Isa's FWB
Stephen, Allison's bf
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