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Sep 20 2016, 08:15 PM
Things had been interesting for the last six months. It had been that long since Travis had met Sophia. And it had been five months since he’d asked her to marry him. He barely knew her and she barely knew him, but it had been for her. Travis knew enough that keeping her here in the US was the best thing for her. But she couldn’t stay without a visa or green card. That was where Travis came in. If they got married Sophia could stay with a green card.

But it wasn’t quite that simple. Because Sophia was an immigrant, they had to prove that this was a real thing. Of course that hadn’t been easy in the beginning. They’d only been friends for a month and didn’t know quite that much about each other. Sophia had moved in at Travis’s request and they’d slowly been working to make things between them work. The biggest challenge that they still needed to deal with was informing all of Travis’s family. It was Travis’s mother that scared him most of all. How exactly she’d react to finding out that her son was engaged to a woman she’d never met wasn’t something Travis could predict.

It was that thought that filled his mind most of the time while he was at home. It was these thoughts that filled his mind as he moved about the kitchen. Cooking was something he absolutely loved to do. It was right up there with training horses. He’d decided to try his hand at making a copycat recipe of Olive Garden's Chicken Alfredo. He knew it was Sophia’s favorite and he knew that she’d been stressed out about her next art show. He thought her shots were amazing, but Travis knew what the nerves did. And with her cancer, Travis worried even more about her.

The pasta was easy, it was making the sauce from scratch that Travis was spending the most time with as the smell of the food filled the house. Outside the sun was setting over the ocean and for a moment Travis paused, watching it with a light sigh. Living on the beach really was one of his favorite things. A noise behind him drew his attention from out the window as he looked back to the dark haired woman as she entered the kitchen. “Hey Sophia. How was your day?” He asked with a brilliant smile at her before looking back to the sauce and stirring it. “Hope you’re hungry.”

@Sophia L. Suttons
Aug 22 2016, 06:35 PM
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Aug 20 2016, 05:43 PM
When Travis had gotten up that morning, the clouds had been dark and the waves that crashed against the sand were rougher than usual. It was how he knew a storm was coming. It didn’t seem like it would be that bad as he was getting ready for work. Rain was coming, that was for sure. It would mean that the horses would all be stuck inside. At least if they could avoid any thunder or lightning, they might not get spooked. There were only five horses currently at the sanctuary, but if one spooked, they were all likely to.

Sighing softly to himself, Travis made sure to dress for the wind and rain before padding barefoot into the kitchen. If this was the start of the day, he would surely need coffee to survive it. Pulling the fridge open Travis started pushing around the few things in there, looking for his coffee. His frown deepened as he realized there were no more coffee grinds left in his fridge. Letting out an audible groan, he let the fridge close, banging his head against it for a moment before pushing off to go get shoes. No coffee in the house meant that he’d have to stop before heading in.

With shoes on Travis made for the door, opening it to leave just as the pitter patter of raindrops hit his roof. Pausing he grabbed an umbrella from beside the door before leaving. The rain was light for now, but who knew how it would be after a little while. The drive into town wasn’t too bad, but the rain did start to pick up as time went on. The wind too. As he parked in the Starbucks parking lot, Travis frowned at his windshield and the fat droplets that landed on it. If it weren’t for his need of coffee and at this point, food, he would have skipped this. Grabbing the umbrella, Travis picked his way through the puddles, gripping tight as the wind tried to rip the umbrella from his hand.

Once inside, he shook himself off and stored the umbrella by the door before hopping in line. Hopefully he could get in and out of here before the storm picked up anymore force. It took nearly three minutes to get through the line and place his order, another seven before it was ready. Thanking the barista with a smile, Travis moved towards the door with his coffee and breakfast sandwich in hand before pausing. “Crap.” He muttered as he looked between the two then to his umbrella against the wall, to the downpour outside. There was no way he’d make it to his car without getting drenched. Giving into the storm, Travis turned from the door to look for a place to sit in the semi crowded cafe. Seemed he wasn’t the only one who’d chosen to wait out this storm where he was. But hey, at least it was raining.
Jul 22 2016, 01:47 PM
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<b>Listed as Sofia in Travis's app</b> Ok, so this want ad is for the woman that Travis is engaged to. Sofia is sick, I leave the sickness up to the player, but she is not from the US. Where ever she is from, can not provide the care and treatment that she needs. In my app I said that they met at the beginning of summer in a park. She was in tears (probably for the fear of deportation) when Travis stopped and started talking to her. They hit it off as friends and now it's been a month-two months and he's asked her to marry him. It's solely as a way to keep her here in the states, to get the treatment she needs.
This is where things can go however the taker pleases. Currently, Travis isn't seeing anyone else but the two of them are friends. There are a few options here. They can both develop feelings for each other, they could each have their own things on the side (open relationship!), one or the other could have one sided feelings that are not returned. I'm down for a lot! Let's have some fun with this!

</div></div></div><div style="width: 120px; padding: 10px; height: 180px; float: right;"><div style="width: 110px; height: 60px;"></div>

<div class="block"><div class="blockword">Younger than 30</div></div><p>
<div class="block"><div class="blockword">Engaged to Travis</div></div><p>
<div class="block"><div class="blockword">Sick</div></div><p>
<div class="block"><div class="blockword">DETAIL</div></div></div></div>

</div></div><a href=""><div style="width: 295px; color: #000; font-family: calibri; font-size: 7px; letter-spacing: 3px; margin-top: 3px; text-align: center;">WHAT KATY DID</div></a></center><style>.everybody::-webkit-scrollbar {width: 2px;}
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Jul 13 2016, 12:57 AM

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<b>face claim</b> <blockquote>Tom Hiddleston</blockquote>
<b>member group</b> <blockquote>Other</blockquote>
<b>age</b> <blockquote>30</blockquote>
<b>maturity level</b> <blockquote>Mature</blockquote>
<b>rp style</b> <blockquote>300+</blockquote>


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<BR><b>full name:</b> Travis Raymond Alexander
<BR><b>nicknames:</b> Trav, T
<BR><b>date of birth:</b> 12/21/1985
<BR><b>age:</b> 30
<BR><b>gender:</b> Male
<BR><b>neighborhood:</b> Oceanside

<BR><b>high school:</b> Point Loma High School; 2003
<BR><b>college:</b> University of California Davis

<BR><b>occupation:</b> Horse Trainer
<BR><b>dream career:</b> Stable Owner
<BR><b>past jobs:</b> Stable Hand

<BR><b>mother:</b> Elizabeth Alexander, 66
<BR><b>father:</b> Carlyle Alexander, 69
<BR><b>siblings:</b> Preston Alexander, 44<br>
Brother, 39<br>
Jackson Alexander, 37<br>
Brother, 32<br>
Declan Alexander, 26<br>
Brother, 24<br>
Brother, 20<br>
Emerson Alexander, 19
<BR><b>significant other:</b> Sofia - Fiancee
<BR><b>children:</b> None
<BR><b>pets:</b> Ruby Rose 4 Year Old Chestnut Arabian Mare & Scout 7 Year Old Black Welsh Cob Stallion
<BR><b>extended family:</b> Niece/Nephew(Preston’s baby)
<BR><b>ethnicity:</b> Caucasian
<BR><b>hometown:</b> Trenton, NJ

<BR><b>best friend:</b> Open
<BR><b>past lovers:</b> Dated a little in college
<BR><b>enemies:</b> Open

<BR><b>best memory:</b> “Ah...that’s a hard one. I’m torn. It’s between buying my house on the beach and adopting my babies. My horses, Ruby Rose and Scout. I really don’t know which I’d count as best.”
<BR><b>worst memory:</b> “Worst? Um I guess it would be between moving to California and my mother finding out about my shoplifting on a dare.”
<BR><b>first kiss:</b> “Sheryl Montgomery. I was sixteen. I was in eleventh grade, she was a year older, took her to Junior Prom. Kissed her in the car before dropping her off. We didn’t really last after the end of that school year.”
<BR><b>most embarrassing:</b> “Getting caught shoplifting while I was on a school fieldtrip.”
<BR><b>event 01:</b> Moving from New Jersey to California at age twelve.
<BR><b>event 02:</b> Adopting his horse, Ruby Rose and Scout.
<BR><b>event 03:</b> Meeting Sofia.

<div class="indigo5">
<input type="radio" id="indigo5-2" name="indigo5-group-1">
<label for="indigo5-2">app</label>
<div class="indigo6">
1.) I'm good at imitating accents.<br>
2.) I can speak French.<br>
3.) My favorite animal is the panther.<br>
4.) I love going to the zoo.<br>
5.) The first time I rode a horse I was five. Okay, technically it was a pony.<br>
6.) I don't like soda.<br>
7.) I love cupcakes but not cake.<br>
8.) My middle name is Raymond. I hate it by my parents picked it and I love them. So I deal with it.<br>
9.) I have a tattoo on my inner forearm, near my elbow of the infinity symbol.<br>
10.) I love candles. I know it's a 'girl' thing but I love them and have to keep a back-up storage at my house.<br>

1.) Firm Beds<br>
2.) Coffee<br>
3.) Winter<br>
4.) Raspberries<br>
5.) Bullying<br>
6.) Running<br>
7.) Baseball<br>
8.) Horror Movies<br>
9.) Allergies<br>

A true middle child, Travis has four older brothers and three younger ones along with a younger sister. He's looked up to all of his older brothers at one point or another in life and he's looked out for all of his younger siblings as well. Even with the huge age gaps between some of them, Travis has always understood that his family is full of love. Each of the siblings has had their own dramas, their own misfortunes in life. Except Travis. When looking to his siblings lives, Travis feels almost as though he needs to do more to be at the same level as all of them. But he enjoys his life as it is and likes to just be there for any of them to talk to. Preston was already fourteen years old when Travis was born, and while he does understand that he's his eldest brother, Travis feels that the two never really made much of a bond, not like he did with younger siblings. Brother 1 is only nine years older than him so so he was the first one that Travis truly looked up to. He knows that his brother has a lot of his own troubles and that sometimes he can't or won't talk about them. Travis has built one of his stronger bonds with Matty, often trying to show him what the magic of the ocean and beach can bring.
Jackson was another of the siblings that seemed to just try to keep his head down and go along on his way. He was always present at family gatherings, but like Travis, they let their other siblings do most of the talking and have most of the attention. It was with the ladies that Travis found Jackson most intriguing. He always seemed to be such the romantic to every girl he was with. It was Declan that Travis lost the title of 'baby of the family'. Not that he minded in the least, he was four years old and excited to finally get to be the big brother. It didn't take long for the two of them to grow and bond. Travis easily saw when Declan took to looking up to him, it was the same sort of things that he'd done to his older brothers. Travis did his best to be a good role model for his younger siblings, but he knows it wasn't alway perfect. Brother 2 and Brother 3 came into Travis's world when he was six and then ten. It was then that he was starting to not want to always be with his family. He was a growing little boy and he'd found his passion for horses. But he did play with them as they were growing, he showed them his passions and was always intent to hear from them, at least until it was time to go to the ranch. Then everything was forgotten by the young Travis.
It wasn't until he was eleven that his first and only sister was born. Emerson had the eyes of eight older brothers looking out for her, a fact that Travis came to realize was probably none too enjoyable. In the end, it doesn't matter what his siblings have done or decide to do with their lives so long as they do not betray each other or their family, there will always be a love for each of them in Travis's heart. He makes it known to all of his siblings that no matter the issue, if he has a free moment, Travis is more than willing to sit out on the beach or on his deck with any of them talk.

1.) Baked Ziti<br>
2.) Steak<br>
3.) Peanut Butter<br>
4.) Chicken Caesar Salad<br>
5.) Applesauce<br>
6.) French Toast<br>
7.) Quesadillas<br>

1.) The Beach: The beach has always been a place that Travis felt calm. Whether it was the rocky beaches of New Jersey or the white sandy beaches that California holds, Travis loves it. It is why when he finally went about getting a home of his own he went straight to the beach. The sound of the waves, the smell of the ocean, everything about it just makes Travis relax, it gives him a place to think. It's an escape and one that he is more than willing to share with others. There is a certain beauty that Travis has always seen in simply listening to the world around him.<br>
2.) New Jersey: His home until he was twelve, the small garden state will always have a place in Travis's heart. No matter what others might say about the state to put it down, Travis knows the true beauty of the state and its hidden treasures. It was in New Jersey that Travis found his love and passion for horses. He remains in some contact with some of his childhood friends, but not many. While California is his home now, Travis does still seek to go back to visit his childhood home at least once now that he has reached his adult life.<br>
3.) Ireland: If there was one place that Travis could go it would be Ireland. He has never been but has read and learned much of its history. The pictures that he's seen and the customs of the land fascinate him to no end. It is his dream to one day go and visit the land. Perhaps it will be something that he does with his new young fiancee. Travis wishes to see and walk along the beaches there.<br>
4.) Home: Even with his own house, home has always been where the heart is for Travis. And for Travis, one of his greatest loves is his family. He might not always get along with all of them, but it is his parents home that Travis knows he is always welcome. Or at least he hopes he is always welcome there. He has not yet told his parents of his new bride and does wonder how they will react. Forever there will be love for his family though. It's home where his family saw the worst and best of each other. Where they pushed through and survived together through Ellie's cancer. It was and always will be home that Travis seeks when he needs advice.<br>
5.) The City: While not his favorite place in the world, Travis holds an appreciation for the city. He'd not been to too many large ones, but for most of what he has seen, they all seem the same. Tall, shiny buildings, people bustling about, cars and bikes running here and there. Travis enjoys the chance to watch as people come and go in their own lives. While Travis sees many similarities between all cities, he does know that each city has its own history, its open way of living, its own troubles.<br>
6.) The Ranch: it was on a ranch in New Jersey that Travis found his first true passion. It was at age five that he found horses and quickly developed a love for them. He took to riding like a natural and as he grew in age he spent every free moment he had at the ranch. It devastated Travis a little when his family moved away and over to California. He'd come to know each horse there and love each of their unique personalities. But moving to California wasn't all bad as Travis soon found the horse sanctuary. It was this love that drove him to go to college for his degree in animal science and eventually led him back to working at the sanctuary. Travis has since adopted two horses of his own.<br>

1.) Compassionate<br>
2.) Patient<br>
3.) Proud<br>
4.) Fickle<br>
5.) Superstitious<br>

1.) The Iliad by Homer<br>
2.) To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee<br>
3.) The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown<br>
4.) Life of Pi by Yann Martel<br>

1.) I've had trouble with the law. Okay, my mother knows this one but she never told my father or any of my siblings. And I was a juvenile, so it's all sealed and tucked away nicely. Travis was thirteen and on a school trip when he was busted for shoplifting. It was done on a dare. Lucky for him none of his siblings were on the same trip but his mother was with him.<br>
2.) I never learned how to ride a bicycle.<br>
3.) I've read the Harry Potter series five times, all the way through.<br>

1.) I love beer.<br>
2.) I have a dinosaur 'piggy' bank in my room.<br>
3.) I'm a history nerd.<br>
It was just near the beginning of summer when Travis met Sofia. It was at the park when he happened upon her. She was in tears and Travis couldn't just walk past her like so many others were doing. Making the choice to stop and talk with her was where his life started to change. It didn't take Travis long to befriend Sofia and quickly learn the type of person she was, the type that did all she could on her own. She was strong, independent and proud. It was something that Travis admired in her, but he could also see that she needed help, even if she refused to ask for it.
Sofia never hid the fact that she was sick from him. It was the reason she sought to stay in the United States. It was the reason the Travis, after just over a month of knowing her, asked her to marry him. He didn't like to see her suffer and the thought of her getting deported to somewhere she wouldn't get the best treatment wasn't something that sat well with him. Travis knows the consequences of what his actions can bring. He's done the research and knows what lies ahead for he and Sofia, but if they can make it through, if he can help her to get the care she needs, he'll go through with it all.


<div class="indigo5">
<input type="radio" id="indigo5-3" name="indigo5-group-1">
<label for="indigo5-3">shipper</label>
<div class="indigo6">
<BR> Travis is a bit of a quieter guy. He helps out where he can, kind of a family trait but when you have so many siblings, it just becomes a natural thing. I can see him having friends in a few different circles. He doesn’t judge people though and he tends to hang out with animals more than people.
<BR> People that perhaps disagree with how he trains horses, anyone who mistreats animals in anyway. People who leave trash on the beach? He feels like it's hard to make enemies with him but I’m down for any ideas if you have them!
<BR> This is where things get complicated. Travis doesn’t necessarily have romantic feelings for her, but he is engaged. I have her listed as Sofia in his app but that name doesn’t have to stay. She’s sick, sick enough that she needs treatment that she can only get in the US, but she’s not from the US. That’s where Travis comes in. He found out about this and is planning to marry her to keep her here so she can get her treatment. There’s a want ad for her! Dependent on how things go, either feelings will develop on both sides, maybe one sided, there's so many options!
<BR> Co-workers, other horse owners that stable their horses at the same place. Could be any number of things here. Old school mates? I’m not sure!



<div class="indigoname">Travis R. Alexander</div>
<div class="indigoname2">Jax - PST - She/Her/Hers</div>
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