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Nov 2 2016, 12:00 AM
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Here she was walking up 3 flight of stairs because the elevator was broke... again. Her black heels echoed on the floor while the two cases of beers rattled. Her keys were in her mouth as she walked through the hallway that was quiet which she could understand because everyone else was out drinking and having a good time and probably going to get laid. But here she was dressed up with no ball to go to because she was stood up. So she went out to bevmo and got some beer and tequlia and a few other items which could be found in the bags that she was carrying. Once she got to her door, she squatted down so her mouth was level with the door knob and lock so she can try to unlock it. Her head turned every which direction but she kept missing the key hole. </div>
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<p><b>"Damn fucker"</b> she muttered with her mouth full of keys.
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Jul 22 2016, 12:09 PM

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<b>face claim</b> <blockquote>mila ku/nis</blockquote>
<b>member group</b> <blockquote>police</blockquote>
<b>age</b> <blockquote>thirty-two</blockquote>
<b>maturity level</b> <blockquote>mature</blockquote>
<b>rp style</b> <blockquote>mixed</blockquote>


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<BR><b>full name:</b> madison elizabeth carter
<BR><b>nicknames:</b> mads, madi, mc
<BR><b>date of birth:</b> 04/19/1984
<BR><b>age:</b> thirty-two
<BR><b>gender:</b> female
<BR><b>neighborhood:</b> downtown

<BR><b>high school:</b> Jefferson Boarding School in Texas
<BR><b>college:</b> University of California (Degrees in criminal justice, biology, Forensic Science)

<BR><b>occupation:</b> Crime Scene Investigator
<BR><b>dream career:</b> being the head of my own unit
<BR><b>past jobs:</b> police officer, waitresses, babysitter, dog watcher, library assistant, maid

<BR><b>mother:</b> Susan (nee Garretson) Carter, age 58
<BR><b>father:</b> Stephen Carter, age 68
<BR><b>siblings:</b> older sister (34, surgeon), younger sister (30, unknown)
<BR><b>extended family:</b> n/a
<BR><b>ethnicity:</b> american - caucasin
<BR><b>hometown:</b> Austin Texas

<BR><b>best friend:</b> Dimitri A. Valentin, 31 fire fighter
<BR><b>past lovers:</b> _______ Reagan, Mid 30s career unknown, ex-husband
<BR><b>enemies:</b> ______ Reagan, exhusbands sister late 20s career unknown, ________ Reagan, early - mid 30s ex-husband's new wife

<BR><b>best memory:</b> "well my best memory would have to be moving to San Diego and having all my family move out with me. That was the best support system I could ever have. From my family to my best friend joining me in San Diego where I decided to go to school. That had to be the best thing ever to feel all that love from those so close. Especially when I kept seeing so many of my fellow students going to school alone."
<BR><b>worst memory:</b> "My worst memory was finding out that my then husband and I weren't in love anymore. I guess it was the realization that I made a mistake and that I didn't pay enouth attention to my own heart and to my partner's to realize that we were just lying to each other."
<BR><b>first kiss:</b> "my first kiss would have to be from Dimitri's twin brother whom I actually dated off and on in high school. Our first kiss was when we were kids playing house and he was the dad and I was the mom. He came walking into my tree house and acting like he just got off of work. I was in the kitchen area acting like I was finishing up dinner. We had to be like gosh 11 or 12 something like that. I figured he would kiss me on the check but that time he kissed me on the lips. I didn't know what that was or what was going on. It was all so awkward."
<BR><b>most embarrassing:</b> "The most embarrassing moment had to have been when I was 16 years old. At the time, I had broken up with ______ (Dim's Twin) about two weeks ago because I felt that he was cheating on me. I was being a jealous teenager at the time. So I didn't think anything of it until I missed two periods. I took a pregnancy test and then I had to explain to my parents what happened and that I lied to them about holding off till I was married. I was so embarrassed to tell them that their smart girl was the one that ended up pregnant at the age of 16."
<BR><b>event 01:</b> "Shortly after I found out that I was pregnant my mom made me have an abortion. I didn't agree with that at all. I really could not handle that so I ended up filling for emancipation and I went through my pregnancy and I gave up my baby to a couple that I found through an adoption agency that I felt would be the best place by for little boy."
<BR><b>event 02:</b> "The biggest event for me that I have engraved into me would have been my wedding day. I was so nervous and freaked out and everyone kept telling me that this was normal that it was just the nervous talking. But boy where they all wrong. I felt that something else was not right. I felt that we were just rushing things along which is probably what it was. We had just gotten into college things were happening so fast that we didn't even stop to think if this is what we wanted we just went by what our parents wanted. After that marriage I came to the conclusion that I would always think about what I want and not what someone else wants me to feel and think."
<BR><b>event 03:</b> "This event was recent. When I was promoted from police officer to a CSI. That was an amazing day for me because all my hard work and all my schooling had finally paid off. I love being a CSI its not as scary as being a police officer. There would be many nights that I would be too afraid or shook up where I couldn't sleep of events that happened prior to that day. But being a CSI I was able to give people answers and try to piece things together for them. Sometimes we get lucky to the point that we find people alive but to me those aren't the lucky ones because they are the ones that would have to relive that crazy little moment to help us piece things together."

<div class="indigo5">
<input type="radio" id="indigo5-2" name="indigo5-group-1">
<label for="indigo5-2">app</label>
<div class="indigo6">Standing on top of the building, the petite girl looked down to the street below that was roped off. Madison was a girl that everyone thought that she would end up being a super model or something totally girly but instead here she was one member of the San Diego police as a crime scene investigator. And this was just another day at the office for her. Squatting down, she looked at the girl that couldn't have been more than sixteen in her short skirt and skimpy top just wanting to grow up and have fun like she saw on tv. But here she is now laying dead on the roof top with marks all over her body. Madison who was pushing tears back, brushed her hair back with a pen to find strangle marks on her neck. This was what she did for a living. It was hard and not one that many of the police officers could even do because this is what happens when they failed. This was the time that Madison comes in and tries to fix everything but the question comes down to will anyone else care as much as the brunette does?

<BR> <BR>The night had been long and rough night. The sound of the cries of the parents echoing in her head. The smell of the scene still lingering in her nose. Madison walked around in the apartment that she shared with her best friend dimmy. Dainty little toes walked across their apartment floor to go from her room to his. It was one of those rare times when they were home together in the late morning probably because he was recovering from another day or something. With her black shorts, and her black tank top on, she managed to sneak around without too much noise from the floors beneath her toes.

<BR> <BR>Carefully, her fingers wrapped around the knob and slowly turned them. One she was hoping that he was not with some other girl and two she was hoping that she didn't wake him up by the noise of the door opening. Finally though, she managed to open the door and slid her head into the room. He was fast asleep on his side sleeping like a baby.

<BR> <BR>Within a few minutes she was curled up next to him under the blankets. The smell of his deodorant and his aftershave filled the sheets. The same smell that always had a way of calming her down after a hard day at work.

<BR> <BR>A couple times when he isn't home when she gets home, she would sneak into his closet and grab one of his hoodies or sweatshirts that he had worn a couple times. The fabric against her skin and the smell engulfing her and surrounding her as if she was nothing but this caterpillar snuggling into its cocoon for the wait of the transformation.

<BR> <BR>Thinking back through out her crazy and rough life was that the one thing that was always her consistent element was him. The man lying in bed next to her. Their parents were friends and close so they grew up close. They went to the same boarding school and the same college along with the same friends. Plus whenever she was hurt, confused, upset, or whatever else, he was always there for her. That counted for something so how could she lay here and not find that peculiar that the one man that was her ex-boyfriend's twin brother was the one element to keep her sane.

<BR> <BR>Wrapping her arm around his waist, she sighed as she laid her head down looking at his peaceful face. So many times she had taken this face for granted. If she ever lost him, she would be devastated he was her best friend and that meant a lot.

<BR> <BR>How could she lay here with a man with her ex-boyfriend's face on his. How could she lay here knowing that her heart was starting to grow again and starting to fill with the warmth that not everyone gets to feel twice. Madison had felt love twice before. Once with Dim's twin brother and the other with her ex-husband who was someone that she thought would be that one and only. But how wrong she was. Maybe it was because she was too long to truly know what those vows meant or just too long to know what exactly it took to be in a marriage and to have to stay and support one another. Madison didn't know what to make of her past relationships. But she did know that she has had one hell of a roller coaster for her life and one that she would never trade for anything else. Not even all the fits that she has with her ex-husband's sister who swears that Madison had cheated on her brother while they were married and holds Madison accountable for her brother's issues.

<BR> <BR>But at this exact moment everything felt like it was all just a dream and that this was her reality right here laying with Dim.

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<input type="radio" id="indigo5-3" name="indigo5-group-1">
<label for="indigo5-3">shipper</label>
<div class="indigo6">
<BR>She is the kind of girl that always manages to make friends. She cares too much so she will be the one wanting to hold you and protect you but she is also that friend that will drag your ass out of your place to go out and have some fun. She is the right combo of being a homebody and wanting to go out to party. I can see her having a handful of close friends and then having her work friends and party friends. She usually can always make a friend in a crowd somehow.
<BR>I know that she would have a couple enemies. Her ex's and their friends and family. I can also seeing her having a few tiffs with those that she works with because she knows that many of them laugh at her because she decided to become a CSI and gave up the cop life. She gets called weak for this and she always fought them saying that they weren't there to see what the aftermath was that they left behind.
<BR>She doesn't seem like the type of girl to sleep around. She usually only sleeps with those that she feels so close with. She always felt that sex and lovers were those people that should have been held in a special place and go places where not many people go and see with her.
<BR>She is a bit close to her family and her friends. I can see her being one of those people that she can be the life of the party or she can be getting into a fight with someone. She tends to be a very emotional person even though she is such a tiny person.



<div class="indigoname">madison e. carter</div>
<div class="indigoname2">monkers - pacific - she/her</div>
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