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Aug 14 2016, 11:45 AM

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<b>face claim</b> <blockquote>Rita Volk</blockquote>
<b>member group</b> <blockquote>Student</blockquote>
<b>age</b> <blockquote>19</blockquote>
<b>maturity level</b> <blockquote>Mature</blockquote>
<b>rp style</b> <blockquote>300+</blockquote>


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<BR><b>full name:</b> Emerson Odette Alexander
<BR><b>nicknames:</b> Emmy (Only by her brothers and Audrey)
<BR><b>date of birth:</b> 07/14/1997
<BR><b>age:</b> 19
<BR><b>gender:</b> Female
<BR><b>neighborhood:</b> Poway

<BR><b>high school:</b> Saint Augustine High School (2014)
<BR><b>college:</b> San Diego Community College (2015)
<BR><b>occupation:</b> Intern at a big publishing house
<BR><b>dream career:</b> Book Editor
<BR><b>past jobs:</b> Comic Book store clerk.

<BR><b>mother:</b> Elizabeth Alexander -66
<BR><b>father:</b> Carlyle Alexander-69
<BR><b>siblings:</b> Preston Alexander-44<p>
Jackson Alexander-37<p>
Brother Alexander- 32<p>
Travis Alexander-30<p>
Declan Alexander-26<P>
Brother Alexander-24<p>
Brother Alexander-20<p>
<BR><b>extended family:</b> Preston’s Significant other and children.<p>
Her brother’s significant other’s
<BR><b>ethnicity:</b> American- Caucasian
<BR><b>hometown:</b> San Diego, CA

<BR><b>best friend:</b> Audrey H. Bell
<BR><b>past lovers:</b> None
<BR><b>enemies:</b> There are some out there

<BR><b>best memory:</b> “ The best memory that I have, is something that some people puke about. My favorite memory is one I get to relive throughout my entire life. I have always been in love with Christmas. My best memory is waking up around the holiday’s and having all of my brother’s and their family piling into our home for a week where we spend all of this time together and just reconnect with one another. I get to spend my time hanging out with my brother’s playing games and getting to know their significant other’s. We sometimes rent a cottage and all travel there for the holiday. I just it’s my favorite memory and something that I look forward to every year.”
<BR><b>worst memory:</b> “ That isn’t one I really like reliving. But it’s kind of when I realized that I am in love with my best friend. She had just gotten another boyfriend who was a real tool. I was so upset with her and hurt because she was all wrapped up in him. So I spent a good portion on my time pining after her, doing things that were secret admire worthy and just full of surprises. I realized that I somwhow fell in love with my best friend and I was more than afraid of loosing her so I just pulled away a little bit. “

<BR><b>first kiss:</b> “ Well…. I haven’t actually had my first kiss. Every time someone has tried I just move. It ends up on my cheek or nose…or….forehead.“

<BR><b>most embarrassing:</b> “Well ….My parents are very sexual people I don’t know why older people feel the need to get all hot and bothered. But they do. I walk in on my parents having coitus and I nearly died. I was mortified as I never needed to see my father’s or mother’s naked bodies but I’ve seen it. I will have to tell you there is a reason I’m gay. “

<BR><b>event 01:</b> Meeting her best friend Audrey and graduating with her.
<BR><b>event 02:</b> Getting a full ride scholarship to Berkley when she is ready to be done with generals.
<BR><b>event 03:</b> Not telling anyone she’s gay instead of bisexual.

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<span>Got That SUNSHINE in MY POCKET</span>
<BR>Emerson Odette Alexander entered the world with a bang, she forced her mother to get an emergency c-section and she was only 27 weeks along. She was supposed to still be cooking inside of her mother. She needed to be in the neonatal intensive care unit for a few weeks, she had small lungs and needed help breathing. She had a small heart murmur known as PDA, there was a moderately sized hole in her heart. She needed to undergo surgery to have the hole fixed. Which was common in premature babies. She was very strong though she was going to fight for her life no matter what. She was stuck in the intensive care unit for a few weeks. She was in the Nicu for 38 weeks. Because of her need for the heart surgery, she was still very anemic, and there for she had a hard time keeping her body temperature warm. She came off her machines at 38 weeks and was able to breath on her own. Her eyes developed well as she started to recognize people. Though unless they were close they were fuzzy blobs. <p>

At forty weeks she was still very small she was able to have gained three pounds she was born at two pounds three and a half ounces. When she was finally able to go home she weight five pound three ounces. She had grown from 14.75 inches long to 18.5 inches long. So she was growing just slowly, and she was able to keep herself somewhat warm. But she’d learned to cry out when she was cold and someone would come give her skin to skin contact and warm her up. She preferred that, which is how she would develop the need for cuddles. Her child hood was spoiled out of nine children she was the only little girl and she was her big brother’s little light. It came very well known fairly quick that she had a harder time controlling her body temperature. So it wasn’t uncommon to see the little girl looking for a blanket and a cuddle buddy. She almost always found that with her mother or father. Then on occasion she’d pick one of her brother’s. She really liked going to Jackson and Matty to help warm her up. But her first choice was always Skylar. As a child she liked going out to play but she also enjoyed staying in with her brother Skylar and do things with their parents. She would play with her Barbie’s and other girl things. <p>

She was five years old when she started kindergarten and it was the first time they gave her glasses. For the first time she could see everything so clear that she was shocked. She loved being able to see and read, this was the moment that she found her love for reading; she would read all the time. It wasn’t uncommon to come into a room and see her curled up next to the fireplace that was usually on with a book in her hands. At seven her brother Declan left for the army and she remembered everyone being sad. She was very strong willed so she was made that he wanted to leave. She was mad at any of her brother’s who decided they wanted to leave the house and the family. So every time they’d have to sit her down and talk it out with the little girl that she wasn’t going to be alone and they would call her whenever they could. Which she made them promise to do once a week. As she got older into middle school she found contacts and only kept her glasses for reading. Contacts were her twenty-four hour comfort wear. She only wore her glasses at night and when she was reading. It wasn’t that she didn’t like her glasses it was that people teased her sometimes and she didn’t like that. <p>

In high school her relationship with her older brother Skylar just got stronger, he was her constant. She went to him to cuddle at night because she was cold. She would cuddle up and watch television with him. She was always reading. She wasn’t in love with school but she was well liked. She came out her sophomore year as a bi-sexual. But really she was a lesbian, she knew it and she figured Skylar knew it. But she didn’t want the other’s to be mean to her so she gave them false hope. She however fell in love with her best friend. Her name was Katheryn and she went by Katie. Emerson had a very much hipster look about her that she enjoyed, she was like any high school student she was awkward. She was very thin and a lot of people thought her and Skylar were fraternal twins. He had dark hair she had light hair he was male she was female. She never really corrected them because she was so close to her brother. She was on the athlete team, the drama club, and she was a national merit scholar, because she got straight A’s and was a high score on the ACT and SAT; that allowed for her to get a full ride to any college she wanted. She went on to graduate and agreed to attend Miami University. Her brother agreed to go and her best friend was also going so her life was set. She just needed to pick a major. She is leaning toward being and author or a book editor however she is looking into forensics as well. Because of her love for reading, so she will be taking a lot of classes. She’s just turned nineteen year’s old and is about to start her freshman year. Though Skylar and Katie are also starting so she isn’t as nervous as she would be if she was by herself. She is going to stay living at home because it saves money, and she works as a barista, she just bought herself her first car, a 2014 ford mustang four door white with black interior. <p>

She is working full time student and a full time barista, she works the morning shifts and is done with class by three and then she is home the rest of the time usually reading something, eating, sleeping, or doing homework. Unless she is hanging out with Skylar or Katie then she is doing something else. Emerson has a harder time making friends; her child hood was filled with crime shows. She is usually seen on Netflix. She watches a lot of NCIS, Criminal minds, and Numb3rs. She likes zombie shows and movies. Emerson drinks coffee and water, occasionally she drinks juice but over all nothing more. Emerson is commonly seen in longer sleeves and such keeping herself as warm as possible. She is still on the smaller side her body takes a little bit longer to put weight on, which is why it’s not uncommon to see her eating doughnuts, pizza, pasta. Emerson is a bottomless pit, she is worse than most of her brother’s in their teen-age years. <p>

Emerson found a black lab puppy on her walk around the mall four days ago and she begged her parents. Once she got her parents on board, she bought the small puppy and named him Jordan. She has now started her training of the little puppy but he shows signs of promise. However on the personal front, Emerson is crushing very hard on her best friend Katie and she wants to be more than friends but she’s not sure how she’s supposed to go about this. She is stronger than most and she’s not someone who holds herself in the lime light she likes to blend in and just very laid back. She is a lot like her father in that way, however she has her mother’s heart. She cares so much for other’s, and her family. She is slightly afraid to come out to everyone but she is excited to figure her life out a little bit. She just hopes to get her first kiss and girlfriend soon.


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<BR>As silly as it sounds Emerson is really bad at making friends. She has a lot of men in her life so it’s only right that she blends with men better. Which is why she’s sure she is a Lesbian. She’s never known anything else. So she need friends who are going to push her to accept herself. Push her to be great and less fearful about moving on in her life if she can.
<BR>Emerson is a sweet heart that truly loves everyone. I could see some enemies coming out of the wood work because she could accidently be someones crush where she doesn’t return the feelings. I really think some enemies could be from work where she is excelling fast then some of the other interns. So I could see them causing some drama in her seemingly dramaless life.
<BR>Well She is in love with her best friend and she is going to go through some stuff where she learns to love them all. I think that it would be fun to possibly get a fling or something to crush on to make her best friend jealous. Other than that I think it’ll be so much fun and opportunity to cause some bumps in this giels life. <p><span>other</span>
<BR>SHE NEEDS HER FAMILY!! All of her brother’s and her parents who cause more embarrassment than anything else.



<div class="indigoname">Emerson O. Alexander</div>
<div class="indigoname2">Rea - Central – She, her, Me haha</div>
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