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Aug 21 2016, 09:52 PM
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Owen was many things in his life, he was strong, and private. But most of all he was honorable. He was a boy who loved his family more than they knew, he was someone who was lucky to know what he wanted to be from a very young. He had spent his years reading fantasy and he had always identified with characters who cared more for other’s. He knew he’d have been a Gryffindor or Divergent. He never just wanted to be one thing. He always wanted to be a little bit of everything. He wanted to be brave, selfless, peaceful, honest, and smart. He wanted to be a detective and then an agent. Owen wanted many things in his life but he always knew where he belonged and that was in the field solving crimes and catching bad guys. So when the opportunity came along to go to Boston. He wasn’t just a detective he was an FBI field agent. So when he was hand picked to head into the field and be a criminal he wasn’t sure what that meant. Soon things got dark. When his cover was leaked and the organization threatened to kill his family and Hannah. He had no choice. He had to come clean about being a cop. They spent the next two years making his life something like a living hell. He lost track of the days. They started to beat him to the brink of life. <p>

He never gave them any information because he wasn’t someone who just gave up. He just hoped things would come to an end soon. He was used to do things that he’d never do. He took peoples lives hoping that it would mean that he got his freedom in the end. It never worked out in his favor and it left him broken and wishing for the end of his life to come sooner. Things were bad when they would inject him with drugs that messed up his mind making him question what was real and what wasn’t. what he didn’t know was that the group had found out Hannah’s official identity and sent her a small video that promised that agent Snow formerly known as detective Snow was alive and they planned on killing him as a message to the police to never underestimate a group like them ever. Owen stared at the aggressors over and over again. He never answered their questions as they used his undercover name. Owen Stairs. He was wanted for seven high class murder’s thirteen car jacks, twelve armed robberies. He was a wanted criminal but he did those things because he wanted to save those he cared about. The video ended with them tazzing him until he passed out. <p>

Owen had given up on the FBI coming to save him and he doubted anyone else really cared about him anymore. He spent his time alone saying his name over and over again. It was never more than a whisper. “ I’m Owen. I’m Owen. I’m Owen. He never said anything else as he replayed all the things he had done under his alias. It scared him. He found himself begging for death sooner than later and he would welcome it. He was hanging in the corner of a dark room his shirt was off as blood dripped down his bruised skin. He was spinning slowly as his shoulders were dislocated by now from the constant hanging the pain had become a numbing sensation. He was woken when the door creaked at the sun blinded him as two men rushed in using the lever to cause him to hit the ground. They threw a shirt onto him and ziptied his hands as they pulled him out of his tin prison. He could barely walk as they pulled him toward the harbor where he’d meet with the man who was responsible for his own personal hell routine.

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@Hannah O. Murphy
Aug 21 2016, 01:02 AM

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<b>face claim</b> <blockquote>Jesse Lee Soffer</blockquote>
<b>member group</b> <blockquote>Law Enforcement</blockquote>
<b>age</b> <blockquote>32</blockquote>
<b>maturity level</b> <blockquote>Mature</blockquote>
<b>rp style</b> <blockquote>300+</blockquote>


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<BR><b>full name:</b> Owen Oliver (Alexander) Snow
<BR><b>nicknames:</b> O. Wen.
<BR><b>date of birth:</b> 01/01/1984
<BR><b>age:</b> 32
<BR><b>gender:</b> Male
<BR><b>neighborhood:</b> Downtown

<BR><b>high school:</b> Point Loma High School; 2005
<BR><b>college:</b> New York Police Academy
<BR><b>occupation:</b> Detective
<BR><b>dream career:</b> Detective/FBI agent
<BR><b>past jobs:</b> Patrol officer

<BR><b>mother:</b> Elizabeth Alexander, 66
<BR><b>father:</b> Carlyle Alexander, 69
<BR><b>siblings:</b> Preston Alexander, 44<p>Brother Alexander, 39<p>Jackson Alexander, 37<p>Travis Alexander, 30<P>Brother Alexander, 29<p> Declan Alexander, 26<p> Brother Alexander 24, <p>Brother Alexander, 20<p> Emerson Alexander, 19<p>
<BR><b>extended family:</b> Hannah Murphy, 31 Partner<p> Neices and Nephews of his siblings.
<BR><b>ethnicity:</b> American, Caucasian
<BR><b>hometown:</b> Trenton, NJ

<BR><b>best friend:</b> Hannah Murphy, One of his brothers.
<BR><b>past lovers:</b> Skye Morrison, and Hellen Andrews
<BR><b>enemies:</b> Criminals

<BR><b>best memory:</b> “Making Detective.”
<BR><b>worst memory:</b> “ Leaving New York for Boston.”
<BR><b>first kiss:</b> “ Skye Morrison.”
<BR><b>most embarrassing:</b> “First case seeing a dead person. He cried and puked.”
<BR><b>event 01:</b> Graduating the police Academy.
<BR><b>event 02:</b> Getting an FBI try out.
<BR><b>event 03:</b> Loosing contact with anyone in his life.

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<span>”I’m in love…..”</span>
<BR> Ten Facts:<p>
1:Is addicted to Coffee.<br>
2:Loves music.<br>
3: Loves the winter<br>
4:Night owl.<br>
5: Is very calm.<br>
6: Is always very patient.<br>
7:Is deadly allergic to Peanuts<br>
8: Loves to work out.<br>
9:Is very private about his life.<br>
10: Is overly cautious about letting anyone in.<p>
Ten Dislikes:<p>
2: Vegetables<br>
3: Rap Music<br>
4: People who listen to music without headphones at the gym.<br>
5: Frogs.<br>
6:Being hot.<br>
7: Waking up early<br>
8: Being alone for long periods of time.<br>
9: Soft beds<br>
10: Being hot.<p>

Ten Likes:<p>
2: Winter<br>
3: Coffee<br>
4: Getting back rubs<br>
5: Making people smile.<br>
6: Protecting those he cares about.<br>
7:Going to the shooting range<br>
9: Going out to eat.<br>
10: Solving a case.<p>

Three goals<P>
1:Get through his mission alive.<br>
2: Tell the girl of his dreams he’s madly in love with her.<br>
3: To make the world a safer place. <p>


A quick history about Owen. His childhood was spent sort of alone. It was mostly by choice. He was very close to his younger brother Travis. But he found all the people to be over whelming. He loved his family and there was never a shortage of love. But he was always the child that was telling people that he was going to be a police officer in New York city and then move on to the FBI. He would tell that to anyone at any time. But he’d never really needed his siblings or his parents to feel whole. He was happy to run off and do his own thing. <p>

The school years were fairly easy for him. School wasn’t hard for Owen he just didn’t apply himself enough. He got straight B’s in school nothing more and nothing less. He kept his grades steady so he could play sports. He spent his free time working out and keeping himself fit so that he would be able to pass the physical exam that came with the police academy. The day after he graduated his parents started talking about how they wanted to move. He however made it very clear that, he had no intention on going with them. He was a legal adult and he went and signed himself up for the police academy in New York City. <p>

After that he was on his own, he’d take a random vacation here and there and go visit his family. He was a patrol officer called to the scene of a crime. It was his first murder and the detectives on that case asked him to look over the scene. He agreed. He was the first in his class and he knew that hew as requested. But as he looked at the woman as she laid their lifeless he started to cry a bit and then he walked over and got sick. He was of coarse then made fun of as the top graduate but he tossed his cookies. After a rather large bust and a perfectly written report there was chatter and the chief found him and personally asked him to apply to be a detective. He was instantly given the job and he spent a year training under an older detective. They meshed well enough together. But at the end of that year the man was retiring.<p>

That was went the most gorgeous woman decided to walk into his life. Her name was Hannah Murphy and she was the woman of his dreams even if he didn’t know it at the time. IT was the best three years of his life being her partner. They just meshed so well with one another and he had fallen head over heels in love with her. Instead of letting himself wreck their partnership the FBI came to him offering him a possible try out period. He agreed to go and then he was transferred down to Boston. He barely said anything to anyone let alone a good bye. From their they sent him undercover. <p>

This is where everything went very wrong. He was undercover for a long time. He did very well until he was very deep and he started to loose the man he was. He was not allowed to make contact with his family and then he wasn’t allowed to talk to Hannah anymore. He ended up getting his cover compromised and he was whisked away from his handlers and everyone that was once a contact of his own. He ended up being beaten over and over again. He never gave up names or any information but he started to loose a handle on what day it was, who he was and what was going to happen next. Two years into this, he was classified as KIA also known as killed in action. His family agreed that it was safe to classify that and his case went cold. They buried an empty casket and that was that. <p>

Owen is alive and he is holding on to his life but just barely. He’s beaten and battered. Then they let him heal and do a job and then they break him all over again. Owen has started to loose all the hope that he has left as he’s started to accept he is a criminal and nothing more. <p>

Five favorite foods:<p>
1: Cuban food.<br>
2:Mexican food<br>
3: Fruits <br>
4: Italian food<br>
5: Chinese Food.<p>

Favorite place:<p>
Owen’s favorite place in the entire world is New York City. There are low life’s everywhere. There is always something he can do. Then he is able to get food on every block. He is able to get food out of a truck. He is just at home in the big city. He has loved the city since he was young. Not to mention Hannah is there and that leaves him to be happy because she is there.


<div class="indigo5">
<input type="radio" id="indigo5-3" name="indigo5-group-1">
<label for="indigo5-3">shipper</label>
<div class="indigo6">
<BR>He needs those people that are going to be able to keep him grounded. He is going to have amnesia. He won’t have an memory of his past or even really his own past. It is going to be a painful process as he also suffers from some PTSD and is going to need those people that are going to love him.
<BR>Any criminal he’s ever put away. Everyone he has lied to. There will be enemies and it’ll be a bit scary to see how many people really don’t like him.
<BR>He’s in some serious love with Hannah murphy his old partner. He fell in love with her and he ran away from it. He doesn’t want to run from it anymore. But he’s not going to remember that he loves her.
<BR>The alexander family is a must.



<div class="indigoname">Owen O. Snow</div>
<div class="indigoname2">Rea - Central - She, Her</div>
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