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Aug 14 2016, 12:17 AM

[url=]Plot[/url] - [url=]Rules[/url] - [url=]Application[/url] - [url=]Face Claims[/url][/align]

[url=]Plot[/url] - [url=]Rules[/url] - [url=]Application[/url] - [url=]Face Claims[/url][/align]


[url=]Plot[/url] - [url=]Rules[/url] - [url=]Application[/url] - [url=]Face Claims[/url][/align]
Aug 8 2016, 01:43 AM
<div class="threadbg"><center>
<div class="box2"><div class="header">How the points work </div>

<div class="text">Did you know that this site is a pretty awesome site... well I am sure you know that but this site is a tad different. Everything on this site adds up. But how and what adds up is probably what you are thinking... And why do you have these points in my mini profile? Well, let us explain something totally fun about this site! Everything that you do will get you points... replying to posts, creating threads, taking wanted ads, creating ads, advertising... I mean everything will earn you points! So without further waiting below is a list of all the different ways to earn points some are automatic and some you have to request to be added but either way you have the list of those being added. PLUS with these points you will be able to get new things as well like new characters, featured, pins, etc.

<BR><span style="font-family: 'Cookie', cursive; font-size: 25px; padding: 8px;">Points Earned </span>
<BR>Application Accepted – 500 points *
<BR>New Thread – 100 points *
<BR>Posts – 50 points *
<BR>A thread reaches over 15 points (points goes to the opener) – 450 points*
<BR>fulfilling a canon – 800 points
<BR>fulfilling a wanted ad – 500 points
<BR>creating a wanted ad – 250 points
<BR>Advertising the site on a resource site – 100 points
<BR>Advertising the site on another site – 50 points
<BR>Posting a wanted ad on a resource site – 150 points
<BR>Complete a real thread – 300 points (each player gets points)
<BR>Complete a communication thread – 150 points (each player gets points)
<BR>Posting in shippers 10 times (10 different shippers) – 75 points
<BR>posting in shippers 20 times – 150 points
<BR>posting in shippers 30 times – 200 points
<BR>posting an open thread – 200 points
<BR>Replying in an open thread – 200 points
<BR>Real rp thread to page 3 – 100 points
<BR>real rp thread to page 5 – 200 points
<BR>Real rp thread to page 8 – 300 points
<BR>getting a communication thread to page 3 – 50 points
<BR>getting a communication thread to page 5 – 100 points
<BR>getting a communication thread to page 8 – 150 points
<BR>posting a twitter thread for your character – 250 points
<BR>Posting in your characters twitter feed 25 times – 250 points
<BR>Posting in your characters twitter feed 50 times – 500 points
<BR>posting an instagram thread for your character – 250 points
<BR>posting in your characters instagram 25 times – 250 points
<BR>posting in your characters instagram 50 times – 500 points
<BR>replying to game threads – 20 points
<BR>creating a game thread – 30 points
<BR>Participating in an event – 500 points
<BR>Creating a solo thread (rp by yourself) – 200 points
<BR>Reach page 2 of your solo thread – 800 points

<BR><span style="font-family: 'Cookie', cursive; font-size: 25px; padding: 8px;">Redeeming Your Points </span>
<BR>being a featured character for 1 day – 1,000 points
<BR>being a featured character for a week – 2,500 points
<BR>having your shipper pinned for a week – 3,000 points
<BR>creating a member group – 5,000 points
<BR>creating a board – 500 points
<BR>7th character - 5,000 points
<BR>8th character - 6,000 points
<BR>9th character - 7,000 points
<BR>10th character - 8,500 points and each character needs to be active with at least two threads that are active.
<BR>11 characters & more - 9,000 points and approval from the staff.
<BR>Have your wanted ad pinned for 1 day – 1,000 points
<BR>Have your wanted ad pinned for a week – 3,000 points
<BR>creating your own canon plot – 5,000 points
<BR>extension of a face reservation for a week – 500 points

Aug 7 2016, 10:33 PM
<div class="threadbg"><center>
<div class="box2"><div class="header">#01 : Grand Opening and lots of fun! </div>

<div class="text">Hey everyone! I am so happy on all the applications that are all up. The staff has loved reading the applications that are already accepted. We can't wait to see all the posting and the plots that will be forming on the site. Its been a month know for the preopening, which is where we have invited all our buds to join in on the fun but now we are going to be opening up to the whole world now. We will be starting our advertising for other sites so that way there will be new faces coming in. Remember to always be welcoming with new members and try to always find ways to post with everyone. After all its never fun having characters that there is no posting with. We love all characters and there is always plottage with everyone.

<BR><BR>But let's talk about all the fun that will be going on this week! We will be open on Aug 08! YAY! I would love it if everyone helped spread the word about LAT (Leave a Tattoo). IF you have to finish your characters jump on board and get them done so you can have all those fun ads up on the site for new members to grab.

<BR><BR>What else is going on that has the staff so excited? Well we have a Double Points week, a Postathon and a couple of events that will help spice up the site. We hope that all of these fun events that we have planned out will really help the site and help us all join and bond together to have fun.

<BR><BR>Double Points Week is the week when the staff will make all the points earned become double! It will be a little work on your part in order to get the points but it will be totally worth it in the end. You will be able to get points for almost everything that you do on the site. From inviting new members to doing simply posts around the site. Just keep an eye on another post about this event where you will be submitting all your posts to.

<BR><BR>The Postathon will be a week long and those that make the most posts in this week will win some awesome things for around the site. The person that wins first place will have a choice of a free character or a total of 8,000 points, a week as a moderator, get to create a couple of fun events/contests and get to pick the next member group plus also get one of their characters featured . The second place will be getting a total of 6,000 points, and get to have a character featured. The last place winner will get 4,000 points and also get to have their character featured as well.

<BR><BR>The events that we have planned are going to be all in character events. Our site is currently still in July of 2016 so keep that in mind when we have the events listed. The first event is Fourth of July Fireworks that happen over the ocean during this event many people will gather in the boats or on the beaches or roof tops. The next one is going to happen in the middle of the month for the hospital. This event is a fund raising charity for the expansion of the children wing. This is also a good event where the new staff since the hospital has gone through new ownership and a whole lot of new staff to boot too. Then at the end of the month there will be a dangerous wildfire north of San diego that will be pushing into the city so hopefully your characters are prepared.

<BR><BR>Well I believe that is all this update will have for now!

<BR><BR>With Love,

<BR>LAT STAFF !</div>


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